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Flat Roof Installation, Repair & Replacement

Though it’s not all too often you see a house with a flat roof, they do exist, and they require different maintenance and repair methods than sloped roofs.

Call Shanco Companies if you need flat roof repair or replacement services in the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia area. We can make sure your roof receives the proper care so it can last for many years to come!

Flat Roof Installation

If you’re getting ready to build and are trying to decide which type of roof to get, a flat roof is a viable option. There are many reasons homeowners choose flat roofing – it is:

  • Economical – flat roofing is one of the most affordable types of roofs to install.
  • Safe and accessible – you can have patios, gardens, pools, and more on a flat roof!
  • Resourceful – flat roofing gets rid of unusable space on the upper level of your home that sloped roofs sometimes create.
  • Energy-efficient – because it receives a lot of sunlight, a flat roof is ideal for solar panels. With proper waterproofing (which helps your roof reflect, rather than absorb, heat from the sun), you can cut down on your cooling costs!

You may want to consider flat roof installation if you’re looking to save some money and maximize your home’s interior.

Flat Roof Repair

Does your flat roof need to be repaired? Flat roofs can get pretty badly damaged in severe weather, so it’s critical you take proper care of your roof and make sure it’s protected.

Because they aren’t sloped, flat roofs are more exposed to direct sunlight and severe weather like hail, heavy rain, and snow. During a snowstorm, think of all that snow that piles up on your roof! This is where flat roof waterproofing truly comes in handy. It will ensure your roof is better protected and stays in good shape for much longer – and it can also save you money (and some major headaches)!

If it receives proper maintenance and care, your flat roof can last an extremely long time. However, don’t expect it to stay in good shape forever, especially if you have a rooftop pool or garden and people are always walking around! If a small crack goes untreated, it can turn into a bad leak. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing (and the average homeowner usually doesn’t), attempting to fix the problem can make it worse. Instead, it’s a good idea to call professional roofers like Shanco.

Flat Roof Replacement

If your flat roof has been recently damaged but a repair isn’t enough to fix the problem, don’t worry – this happens, and we’ve got you covered! After replacing your roof, we’ll waterproof it to maximize its durability and give you complete peace of mind. Whether there is just a section of your roof that needs to be replaced or you need to replace the whole thing, we can help! 

Need Flat Roofing Contractors in MD, DC, or VA?

No matter what flat roof services you need, rest assured Shanco can take care of it! We provide flat roof repair, replacement, and installation services in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia – call us today! We service Alexandria and Arlington in Virginia. In Maryland, we service the greater areas of Columbia, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Olney, Potomac, Rockville, and Silver Spring. Finally, we service the greater areas of Washington, DC.



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