Now Is the Time to Schedule Roof Repairs in Gaithersburg

Considering a roof replacement in Gaithersburg? Great idea! A roof replacement can be an effective way to reduce energy costs, improve the structure and aesthetics of your home, and to avoid costly repairs and frustration. But if you’re planning on having your roof up to snuff before the spring season hits its peak (the best time of the year to have a strong, well-maintained roof in Maryland), you might consider getting on the ball quickly!


Why Is Spring the Best Time for Roof Replacement?

In roofing, contractors have two ‘peak’ periods of business in the year (depending on local weather patterns). For Shanco, we have one in pre-and early spring, and one in late summer. The reason it’s best to book your appointment now is simple. Beat the rush! Often, Shanco find its books loaded to the brim before the season even starts, meaning we can only fulfill so much demand!

A Prepared Roof Can Avoid:

  • Costly repairs. The weather in Gaithersburg (and Maryland, DC and Virginia in general) can be fairly unpredictable. We deal with frequent rainy periods, some high winds and damaging sunlight. A roof that isn’t prepared can take much more damage than it can handle, meaning frequent repairs that can rocket bills.
  • Landscape damage. Part of your roof’s job is to protect your home, but it works hard to protect your lawn as well. The roof and your gutters work in-tandem to divert water from rainfall to safe areas where they can’t cause damage to your foundation, and cause runoff issues.

When Do You Need Roof Replacement in Gaithersburg?

  • When your roof is too old. Once a roof has passed 15-20 years of age, it’s a good idea to have it evaluated by a professional. Older roofs can begin to accumulate damage rapidly, and some of it isn’t obvious to an outside eye.
  • When roof repair becomes unmanageable. If your roof needs professional repair yearly, or even every two years, you’re paying more than the roof is worth in repairs. Look to replacement for a better roofing solution!
  • When you have cracked or peeling shingles. Whether they’re asphalt, metal or wood, if your shingles show extensive obvious damage, it’s time to replace!

Can I Seek Replacement Any Time of the Year?

Absolutely! In fact, in the off-season you can often get a few unique perks. However, this isn’t a viable idea if your roof is showing signs of damage, or it’s getting too old. Be aware that waiting always exposes your roof to danger, and you may end up with irreparable damage mid-season when all of your local roofers are booked! Sure, you can wait, but be advised that it’s not always a good move.

Professional Roof Replacement in Maryland

Make sure you’re not left behind when this spring rolls around! Contact the certified experts at Shanco to set an appointment right away to ensure you get the attention and service you deserve!



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