Spotlight: Copper Roofing in Maryland


Today we would like to take the time to shed a little light on something a little different. There is a roofing material, used in various ways throughout the years, that is making a major resurgence. We’d like to have a brief chat about copper roofing. Why we love it, and why we think you’ll love it as well.

At Shanco, our roofers know roofing materials. We’ve been in the business of bringing top quality service and products to our consumers for over twenty years, and we’ve made it our mission to know everything there is to know about roofs. How best to install, maintain, replace and restore roofs is more than just our job. It’s our pleasure.

Copper Roofs: The Good, the (Not So) Bad, and All the Rest

It’s not an entirely new thing to use copper in roofing. There are examples of it as early as medieval Europe even. But, with new styles, technologies and techniques that have developed, they have made a huge resurgence. Copper is becoming popular, and there are a great number of reasons why:

  • Copper is unique. No other roofing material boasts the same appearance as copper roofing. It provides a unique, bold, and gorgeous look to any home, and greatly benefits homeowners looking to stand out in a big and beautiful way.
  • Copper is strong. Copper roofs boast an average lifespan of fifty (50years on the low end. It is exceptionally resistant to fire, mold, mildew and storm damage, and with proper maintenance you can expect generations of gorgeous roof.
  • Copper is lightweight. This may not mean much to you, but to a roofer, a lightweight material means it can be implemented on a wider range of roof types, pitches and styles. This means we can get more copper roofs to more homeowners than some other materials.

So what’s the drawback? Honestly, there really are very few. Copper is a bit expensive for the initial installation, we can’t deny that. But as far as the investment is concerned, you’re paying a little more now to save in the future. Remember, copper not only lasts a long time, but is also resistant to many types of damage other roofing materials have issues with. This means less repair, less chance of premature replacement, and less general maintenance.

Unique Roofing Materials and Styles in Maryland

The experts at Shanco love using copper roofing in our projects, and hopefully now you understand why. It’s a singular material, providing our consumers with exceptional quality and a great aesthetic that will last years. To learn more about our unique roofing solutions, contact Shanco today! And for more ideas, spotlights and recommendations, keep an eye on our blog in the future!



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