Does Your Slate Roof Need Repairs? Here Are Some Signs to Look for

Installing a slate roof or simulated slate roof is a great choice if you’re looking to add style and beauty to your home.  Slate roofs may also last longer than your average roof, thanks to the fact that they are incredibly durable. There are tons of positives that set a slate roof apart, yet just like any roof, your slate roof can be damaged, and it is important to have your slate roof repaired as soon as possible to avoid leaks and even needing a whole roof replacement in the future.

Whether it’s due to aging or a big storm that swept through the Montgomery County, Maryland area, your slate roof may have taken on damage. The question is, how do you recognize this damage, and what should you do once you need slate roof repair?

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Signs You Need Slate Roof Repair

It is important to have any damage to your slate roof repaired during the spring. In Maryland, storms quickly sweep into the area during spring and summer, and a roof that is weakened due to damage can quickly become a roofing emergency. The following signs are a good reason to call a slate roof repair expert:

  • You notice that one of your slate tiles is missing from your roof. This may be due to recent storm damage and it is best to have it repaired as soon as possible.
  • You notice that there are signs of leaking. You may see moisture damage in the attic or you may notice water damage in your homes ceilings.
  • You have slate tiles that are starting to look worn. This could be due to signs of aging. It is best to have worn tiles replaced before further issues arise.
  • You have one or two tiles that are cracked or showing signs of damage. This could be due to the natural expansion of slate tiles, or your slate tile may have received damage.

The wonderful thing about a slate roof is that they are often easy to repair and a new roof may not be necessary. Hiring an expert to repair your slate roof is important; a nail in the wrong spot could cause damage to not just the tile, but also the underlayment, and tiles not placed properly could shorten the life span of your slate tile roof.

Choose Shanco for Slate Roof Repair in Montgomery County, MD

Shanco Roofing has been in business in the Maryland area for over 20 years. In this time we have worked to build a company that can be trusted for quality workmanship when it comes to repairing and installing roofs. We have been recognized by manufacturers like CertainTeed and GAF for our high quality roofing services and we aim for 100% customer satisfaction. If you are in need of slate roof repair, contact us today at 301-208-0848.



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