Is Your Roof Ready For Winter? Roof Maintenance Tips

Ensuring your roof has a long and healthy life can entail a fair amount of maintenance. Luckily, like many tasks, the more it’s kept up with, the less you have to do overall. A well-kept roof should be checked with every passing season, so trouble areas can be identified immediately. This ensures you avoid unnecessary repairs, and nips potential disasters in the bud.

The experts at Shanco have come up with a short and sweet list, aimed at giving you all the knowledge you need to be sure your roof is up to any challenge this winter season!
The majority of your part in roof maintenance requires very little in the way of serious effort, and in fact can be handled in a solid day.

Winter Roof Maintenance: the Essentials

  • Inspect your roof for obvious signs of damage. Any damaged shingles or roofing materials should be noted immediately and addressed by a roofing professional. A crack here and there may seem small, but throw a bunch of snow and frigid temperatures at it and that crack will quickly grow and multiply. These problems are an easy fix for an expert, but left unattended, could spell a full roof replacement in the near future!
  • Clear your gutters. Not a particularly fun task, but clear gutters ensure melting snow has a safe place to go, and avoids any issues standing water may create. While checking your gutters, remove all debris, and address any possible signs of rust. Faulty gutters are the number one cause of roof damage!
  • Check flashings, seals and caulk lines. Be sure all areas of your roof that should be sealed and pristine are. Water will find its way into any weakness in your roof, and can do some serious harm in a very short time in Winter.
  • Trim back hanging branches and foliage. Branches that hang over your roof present a concern in winter months. Heavy snows and cold snaps can damage these limbs to the point of breaking, possibly smashing into your roof and damaging it. These branches should be removed before Winter sets in.
  • Consider waterproofing. If you haven’t opted for waterproofing your roof, you should take the possibility seriously. A well-waterproofed roof can handle years and years more service than one that has not been treated.

Winter Roof Maintenance with Shanco

For serious roof repair and maintenance, call on the certified specialists at Shanco. We’ve been handling roof repair for years, and boast the best in knowledge, tech and skill in the industry.  If you need assistance in preparing your roof for the coming winter, contact us today! For more tips, ideas and roofing information, keep up with our blog.



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