What Do I Do When My Roof Leaks?

Spotted the signs of a roof leak in your Maryland home, and not sure where to turn? Don’t stress! The expert roofing team at Shanco can help. It’s important to know that while you need a solution to avoid further damage, you’ve got time. It’s all about knowing what to do, and being prepared.

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What to Do When You Spot a Leak

It can be very easy to stress when water intrudes on your home. We’ve all seen what water damage can do even over a short period of time, and this tends to bring about a bit of panic. But save your anxiety for another time; you need to act!

First Up, Provide a Temporary Solution

While your first thought is probably to call on a professional, save that for just a bit, we’ll get to it. You’ll be needing an expert for proper roof repair to be sure, but for now you need to reduce the risks to your home and prevent continued water intrusion. You can do this in one of few ways, and it’s going to depend on the problem at hand on what you choose:

  • Buckets are close enough. If nothing else, slap a bucket or two down to contain the incoming water. Sometimes this isn’t all that effective if your leak is a migrating one, but to some degree you’ll have to accept that damage is going to happen to an extent. Find where the water is actually dripping down, and contain the water that is contaminating your attic or upper floors. If the leak isn’t dripping in a convenient way, a tarp can serve you well, too.
  • Consider the viability of rain patches or tar. We’d recommend every homeowner either keep patching roof tar, or premade plastic roof patches around the house. They aren’t going to provide a permanent solution, but they can save you a lot of stress in a pinch if the leak is controllable. Be sure to dry the leaky area as well as you can, and apply patches and or tar liberally to stem the tide until you can get an expert.

We would like to note that you should never attempt to get on your roof during a storm, or even light rain. Roofs are dangerous enough as is without adding a slip n’ slide, and the risk of falling becomes enormous. Do what you can from inside your home.

Now Call on Your Gaithersburg Roofing Professionals

Once the damage has been mitigated well enough, you can take the time to call on your roofing experts. If you choose Shanco to provide for your roof leak repair in Gaithersburg, you can rest assured that we’ll be on our way in a hurry!

Contact Shanco right away when you’ve spotted a leak in your home! Our certified roofing professionals can guarantee flawless roof leak repair in Gaithersburg, providing you with a reliable, trustworthy solution any time you need it.



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