Why Your Roof Is Creaking

We’re all familiar with the crack and pop of a settling home. But what if your roof sounds upgrade from subtle to alarming? Are you dealing with a loud roof, or do you find yourself wondering “why is my roof creaking?” If so, the roofing professionals at Shanco are here to put your mind at ease!

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Why Is My Roof Creaking?

There are of course some common causes of note here, but there are some oddball ones, too. We’ll start at the top and work our way down, helping you to find out if your roof sounds are natural, or if you need to contact an expert for roof repair.

Natural Causes

  • Settling from temperature shifts. If you’re hearing the creak at night, and it’s somewhat steady (infrequent, but persistent) then the source is almost certainly just the roofing materials cooling from the daytime sun.
  • Stormy weather creaking. If your home is older, or is a cookie-cutter home, then your roof may simply be creaking a bit in the windy weather. This is typically not all that alarming, and can be ignored unless that creak upgrades to a snap.
  • Winter-only creaks. If your roof is creaking in cold weather, it’s probably the same as the temperature-related shifting. This is, however, a situation where you might want to get it looked at, since creaking in winter is a bit less common. It can also be potentially caused by ice-dams or heavy snow, so that bears consideration as well.

When to Call a Professional for Roof Service

  • Roof is creaking with little provocation. Is your roof just outright creaking, whether in the middle of the day, or with no real indication of a cause? If so, you really ought to go ahead and call in an expert. It’s unusual to say the least, and it’s best to catch potential problems early.
  • Roof creaks when inspecting. If the roof starts to creak and crack while you’re up there checking for a missing shingle, or to address leaf-laden gutters, then quickly (and carefully) get off of the roof. Call a professional, because something serious might be up, and a fall from a roof is often a nasty one.

Roofing Services in Gaithersburg, MD with Shanco

So, why is my roof creaking? The answer is probably for no real important reason. But if you’re worried, or the creak is happening at an odd time, or at a strange interval, go ahead and call in the roofing team at Shanco!



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