How to Prevent Animals from Taking Up Residence in Your Roof

Got a few uninvited guests taking up residence in your roof area? If your home is starting to feel more like a nature preserve every day then you’ve come to the right place! Today the roof repairs and service team at Shanco is here to tackle animal intrusion prevention.

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What To Do About Animals and Critters

Maryland has an exceptionally diverse animal population, as you probably know quite well. Of these we mostly deal with bats, birds, squirrels, and a couple more odd ones when it comes to roofing. We’ve even heard of a possum or two invading a roof.

While these can all be a constant annoyance, keeping them out of your roof is actually quite easy overall. It’s pretty much about a couple ounces of prevention, which if executed correctly, should keep you from ever having to call on wildlife control.

  • Seek roof repairs when needed. Of course we’d start here—we’re roofers! But in all seriousness and honesty this is possibly reason number one when it comes to intrusion. Even if something around your home attracts these pests for whatever reason, they shouldn’t actually be able to get in at all! Damaged eaves, soffits, holes, and missing shingles are these things only way in. Which means if you’ve got bats or birds, you’ve got roof damage. this is why roof maintenance is so important!
  • Trim away trees. All of the animals that like hanging out in your roof either also like hanging out on your trees, or use the trees as an access point (such as a squirrel). Trimming branches so that they aren’t hanging around your roof area is a great preventative measure, and also avoids the risks of branches falling and doing some serious roof damage.
  • Keep your gutters clean. Birds often begin nesting in gutters, especially during our Maryland dry season. For this reason keeping your gutters clear and free of debris can prevent most birds from finding your home all that hospitable in the first place.
  • Get a chimney cover. We’re mostly on the topic of roofs at the moment, but are you one of those homeowners that’s had a nightmare scenario involving birds or bats and your chimney? Animals find your brickwork very interesting and will often explore. Get a chimney cap or net!
  • Rethink your waste removal. The vast majority of homeowners simply take garbage out to a bin or nearby dumpster. But this can actually pose a pretty big problem in the summer season. All that hot air makes that trash roast, and while we don’t like the smell, bats and possum do plenty enough. Consider getting sealed containers or looking into pest traps or pest prevention sprays (the ones that control trash odors specifically—lots of the other stuff is snake oil).

Roof Repairs in Gaithersburg

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