How to Locate a Roof Leak

A roof leak in your Maryland home can quickly become far more than a minor annoyance. Not only are they an indication of roof damage that can grow into bigger issues, a roof leak can also create massive problems in your home as well. Water damage can harm walls, ceiling and even put your foundation at risk!

Luckily for you, the certified specialists at Shanco know exactly how to identify, trace and treat a roof leak. And today, we’re here to pass that information along to you!

Identifying a Leak: Telltale Signs

Knowing that a leak is present, and being able to identify it for what it is as soon as possible is paramount to avoiding further damage! There are a few signs that you may have a leak, and they’re all fairly clear:

  • A presence of mold. Mold along your roof, particularly a danger with shake and asphalt, is a clear indication that moisture is collecting in places it shouldn’t be.
  • Water spots present in home. Along the ceiling and walls in particular, if you notice discoloration in irregular patterns, there’s a very good chance you have a leak on your hands.
  • Damaged, missing or buckling shingles. Damaged shingles are less of a sign that you may have a leak, and more of a guarantee that you either have or will have one very soon. If you spot these, contact us for roof repair right away!
  • Discoloration, darkening or water spots on exterior. These can happen outside just as surely as in! Discoloration is always a sign of moisture collecting where it shouldn’t.

Tracing a Leak: Find the Source

Once you know you have a leak, it’s time to find the origin of your troubles. You could always call on a professional, but if you’re the proactive type, there are some easy steps to take to find your leak:

  • Case the attic. If you have easy access to your attic, this is the simplest way to find your leak. Grab a light source and get up there. You’re looking for dark spots, a presence of mold or wetness. If insulation is in your way, that’s fine. Insulation will show the same signs as wood or other materials.
  • Don’t be fooled by a drip. If you locate actual dripping water (for instance if you do your inspection during a light rain), don’t assume you’ve found the right spot. Look carefully to see if there’s a trail of moisture. If there is, it will be upward along the slope of your roof.
  • Check for obvious signs of damage. If the leak is eluding you, look closely at the roof. take care to note any loose nails, or cracks along the wood. These could be your culprit.

Still having trouble finding the leak? There’s no shame in calling on a professional! This is the kind of work we’re on standby to handle, and the experts at Shanco would like nothing more than to assist you in any way we can!



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