How to Choose a New Roof

Undergoing and planning for a roofing project can feel very daunting at first—especially if this is new to you. But with the right set of goals, and by asking yourself the right line of questions, you can design the ideal roof for your home.

Looking for some help in selecting your ideal roof in Maryland? The home service team at Shanco Companies has handled countless roof jobs, both residential and commercial, and today we’re going to help you learn the basics. Before selecting a new roof, ask yourself the following questions.

Do I Need a New Roof?

Before you really get to any major planning at all, it’s important to determine what sort of project you need in the first place. Is it actually time for a new roof, or is a repair service sufficient to get your roof back to its former glory? In many cases after storm damage or extensive wear a homeowner might jump the gun, expecting to need something new when they really don’t.

If you’re just not sure, ask a specialist! A certified and licensed roofing contractor can help you decide whether it’s time to replace the roof entirely and when a repair will do. In either case, they’ll be able to help you with the rest of the planning.

What’s My Roofing Budget?

Never, ever begin a project without first setting up a firm budget! Failing to do so is how so many homeowners get stuck with half-finished projects or wind up in debt they didn’t expect. Going in without a budget is paramount to going in without a plan, which means your project is very likely to get out of hand in no time at all.

What Roofing Benefits Are You Looking For?

Modern roof systems offer far more than their predecessors. It’s no longer just about slapping up something that looks decent and calling it a day! You can add waterproofing to your roof for better longevity and performance, you can choose “cool roof” materials for huge comfort and energy saving benefits, and you can even have a roof that does both!

It’s important to know whether you want these options before the roofing installation process gets rolling, since adding any of them is going to impact budgeting, the materials you choose, and potentially even the contractor you work with.

Which Roofing Contractor Is Going to Handle the Job?

Choosing the right contractor is even more important than choosing the right style of roof or the material you would like to use. This is because no matter how awesome the roof you choose may be, a contractor that cannot handle the job is very likely going to botch it, resulting in needing to redo the project and wasting tons of your time and money.

Spend some time researching and learning how to pin down the perfect contractor first! Partnering with the right team can make the entire process far smoother and can even save you time and money!  

Roofing Specialists in MD, VA, and DC

Are you in need of a roofing team with extensive experience, specialized expertise, and a drive to help you get the dream roof you’ve always wanted? If so, you wound up in the right place! At Shanco, we’re dedicated to helping you get the best of the best, and that goes for our products and services both.

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