Four Things All Great Maryland Roofing Companies Have in Common

If you’re looking for a roofing company in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area in Maryland, you probably realize by now that you have a lot of options! You may even be overwhelmed by the number of choices you have. So how do you distinguish the good from the bad—and the good from the great?

Well, it’s not all that difficult to pick out the good Maryland roofing companies. They all share common traits. Many times, you can find this out just by looking at a company’s website, but sometimes you need to call and ask (don’t be afraid to “interview” the company).

What do Good Roofing Companies Have in Common?

All good roofing companies in Maryland (and everywhere else)

  1. Are licensed and insured – every single roofing company needs to have a license and insurance, hands down. A good roofing company will share their license number and provide you with copies of their insurance—both workers’ compensation and liability. If an uninsured worker gets hurt on your property, you could end up in trouble and paying a lot of money.
  2. Treat every job differently – no one job is the same, and a good roofing company will treat every customer and every job as if they are unique. They will provide you with enough detailed information to answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have.
  3. Provide references – many companies have testimonials listed on their website, but even if they don’t, this doesn’t mean you should automatically look elsewhere. Ask for references, and the roofing company should be able to provide them. Many good companies will provide them without you having to ask.
  4. Have a permanent place of business – many fly-by-night contractors and scammers operate out of trucks with a cell phone and won’t be available when a warranty issue occurs. Companies with a permanently established place of business are likely to be more stable and available when you need them.

Certain things should raise a red flag, and if you’re aware of what makes a good company, it’s easier to hire the best. Aside from no insurance and license, permanent place of business, and references, other signs that you should be wary about include:

  • High-pressure sales tactics (deals like “buy today and receive half off…”)
  • A high number of complaints filed against the company on websites like the Better Business Bureau
  • Claims of insurance but no copies or information provided

Need a Roofing Company?

If you’re looking for Maryland roofers, Shanco Companies can help! We provide copies of and detailed information about our license and insurance, provide references, and have an office located in Gaithersburg.

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