5 Ways Wet Weather Damages Your Home

The season has started off a pretty wet one here in Maryland, and so far, there’s little sign that the weather will be temporary. Want to know the ways that wet weather can impact your home for the worst? Today the team at Shanco is here to help you mitigate and prepare for the worst.

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What Can Water Do to My Home and Roof in Potomac?

Scoffing at the idea of some piddly rain harming the fortress that is your Potomac home? Well, don’t! Through sheer consistency, water can do loads of damage if given the opportunity. There are nearly limitless ways it can impact your space for the worst! Here are the top five:

  1. Foundation damage. The important thing to understand about your home’s foundation is that it is (probably) made of concrete–a very porous material. Water gets in on a routine basis and will start to weather and widen cracks, or produce new cracks altogether. The result is settling or shifting, which can do everything from mess up your soil, to resulting in cracks in the walls and ceilings in your home. To avoid this, be sure you have a good drainage system in place!
  2. Bungled wood siding. For the most part modern wood siding can handle nearly anything thrown at it. But if the siding has pre-existing damage or is starting to wear out due to sheer age, the constant assault of water can lead to lots of damage both to the siding itself, and to the home your siding is supposed to be protecting. Find out more about this specific issue here.
  3. Roof damage. A constant assault on your roof is very likely to result in missing shingles, erosion of the material, and even potentially water intrusion in the attic and home. To avoid this you must have a good drainage (gutter) system in place, and be certain to diagnose and repair roof problems quickly. If not, you’ll be looking at roof replacement in Potomac in no time!
  4. Gutter trouble. We’ve mentioned drainage twice now, and both times gutters have been a key point. But they need some help, too, as constant influx of water also means a consistent accumulation of plant matter and potential corrosion. Leaky or blocked gutters lead to problems 1 and 3, so be sure to keep your gutters in good health, and install gutter guards for added protection.
  5. Basement flooding. Have a sump pump in your home? If not, get one! Basement moisture is a very common issue in Maryland, and leads to mold damage, rot in the home, bugs, and even worse. There are simply too many ways water can get into your basement to just hope nothing goes wrong–prepare your space with the right tools!

Perfect Roof Replacement in Potomac

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