How to Prevent Animals from Taking Up Residence in Your Roof

Got a few uninvited guests taking up residence in your roof area? If your home is starting to feel more like a nature preserve every day then you’ve come to the right place! Today the roof repairs and service team at Shanco is here to tackle animal intrusion prevention. Continue reading

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Before Installing a New Roof, Ask Yourself These 3 Questions

Have you been considering a new roof installation for your home or business? If you have, there are some things the team at Shanco would like to discuss! Getting a new roof can provide you with lots of great benefits, and it’s a choice we typically support quite a bit. But before you do, you might want to ask yourself a couple of vital questions. Continue reading

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5 Ways Wet Weather Damages Your Home

The season has started off a pretty wet one here in Maryland, and so far, there’s little sign that the weather will be temporary. Want to know the ways that wet weather can impact your home for the worst? Today the team at Shanco is here to help you mitigate and prepare for the worst. Continue reading

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Why Your Roof Is Creaking

We’re all familiar with the crack and pop of a settling home. But what if your roof sounds upgrade from subtle to alarming? Are you dealing with a loud roof, or do you find yourself wondering “why is my roof creaking?” If so, the roofing professionals at Shanco are here to put your mind at ease! Continue reading

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What Do I Do When My Roof Leaks?

Spotted the signs of a roof leak in your Maryland home, and not sure where to turn? Don’t stress! The expert roofing team at Shanco can help. It’s important to know that while you need a solution to avoid further damage, you’ve got time. It’s all about knowing what to do, and being prepared. Continue reading

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How a Reflective Roof Coating Can Drastically Lower Your Energy Costs

Ask any homeowner about what they want from their Maryland home, and the most common answer is probably going to be some variation of “comfortable, and low cost”. Energy-efficiency has become a huge deal in our power-hungry homes. But how to tackle this issue? You may be surprised, but you need to do little more than look to your roof! Continue reading

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The Different Types of Shingles You Can Choose from for Your Columbia, MD Home

Whether you’re considering a new roof installation or are looking to repair the existing shingles you have, knowing about the different types of shingles is important. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks that are worth considering as you make the best decision about your home. Continue reading

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You’ll Be Blown Away By These Gorgeous Metal Roofs

More and more folks are opting to gain the advantages of a metal roof installation in Maryland, and the expert roofing professionals at Shanco are more than happy to supply! However, despite the serious advantages provided by choosing metal as your roofing material, there are still some naysayers out there, or some folks that are just a bit resistant. Continue reading

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Why Galvanized Steel Is the New Darling of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing has been used for generations all across the world. The durability and dependability are just hard to beat as a roofing material. Modern applications have only made metal a stronger (literally and figuratively) option as energy-efficiency modifications have been made as well as alterations to improve damage resistance. But out of all metal types, one stands a cut above the rest in the industry at the moment: galvanized steel roofing.

Continue reading

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Stay Ahead of Roof Damage By Establishing a Maintenance Plan

Your roof plays a massively important role in keeping your home safe, secure, and energy-efficiency. And for the most part, it does it’s job without much fuss. But if you begin to fall behind in upkeep, suddenly you could find yourself bombarded with costly repairs, problems with leaking, and might even be facing an unexpected roof replacement! Having trouble keeping up with your Rockville roof? Get a roof maintenance plan! Continue reading

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